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Welcome to our Business Advice page. 

If you want to start your own Business these are some of the suggestions we offer you:

When we started out in Business many years ago, we had no friendly advice to show us how to get started, so through our experiences of what we had to go through  we thought we would put this page up to guide you through the Steps to get started. 

We need to remember to start any business we need working capital, to continue fuelling our business just like a car needs fuel and maintenance.  

Home Businesses seem to be the easiest to see how your business will go, and it takes up to five years for a great profit depending on what you are selling or marketing. 

Start of with the 10 basic steps:

1. Register your business

2. Have a Tax file number

3. Check to see if you require an A.B.N

4. Phone

5. Computer

6. Affordable Photocopier

7. Rent a room in your home 

8. Create a website, business cards. This helps with advertising your business.

9.  Open up a separate bank account, the bank will need to sight your Registration of business.

10. Open up a Paypal account http://www.paypal.com 

as they have Invoicing in their system and many other tools you can use.

Set up an Accountant to do your yearly returns this Company can assist you: http://www.etax.com.au 

If you are thinking of a question and don't ask questions then you will never know the answer !  

We will have other write-ups on Business to keep everyone updated with today's Business Enterprising.

For Australian persons only:

When starting out in your own Business in Australia, you are required to have a Registered Business License, A.B.N. and register PAYG (pay as you go Tax).  

Remembering also that G.S.T. applies on all goods when selling items or a Service.  

When you have registered your Business name with ASIC you then will be asked certain questions on the registration form, and they can advise you if you need all the other qualifying points such as the A.B.N. and PAYG.

If you are a registered Centerlink client, then give them a ring to see how much you can earn per fortnight without affecting your benefit. 

Most times they give you a form to fill out each three months of your Gross earnings, with all deductions for Petrol, stationary, phone, rent, fees, etc.

You need to remember that each State of Australia has different laws too, and it pays to check on the legal side of things of what is required.

Here are some links to ASIC to help you!

Other countries have different laws, so it would be best if you live outside Australia to check your own laws in starting a Business and what is involved. 

It pays to be honest rather than dishonest, because you get caught in the end!

If you would like to ask any questions you can send an email to Carl who will guide you through the steps to Starting your own business.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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